Assessment of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds
By LacOv (Added: 5/5/2002)

A FOAF says that he prefers Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nerovsa) over Morning Glories because it is easier to make a liquid extract out of 8 big HBWR than out of 200 little MG seeds.

Effects are similar, although he tends to find a lot of fractal visuals with MG. Also, MG are not as drowsiness inducing as HBWR. He had some very deep trips on MG (chewing 150/200 seeds on empty stomach) with nothing to envy to LSD. However HBWR also have strong effects on this FOAF.

This is his HBWR extraction recipe:
"With HBWR I use the water extraction method. After trying several diferent procedures, this is what works best for me: I clean the outer "fuzzy" cover with a penknife, then I take a pincers (is that the word?) and crush it (the seed cover is so hard that when I used a hammer or mortar or something like that the seed would jump in the air), then I finish the grinding in a mortar. After that I take the powdered seeds and put them in a jar with distillated water (half a cup or less). I let them soak for about four hours but I feel that this is already longer than needed, and that more stomach upsetting chemicals may be released when soaking them longer. I then strain it and drink it (on empty stomach). Cffee strainers don't work well for me because of the small quantity of water. But it's better to strain it carefully to filter out the pieces of seeds which can upset the stomach."

Dosage (can vary with different strains of seeds):
--2/4 mild trip: body load (body weakness), consciousness expansion,drowsiness.
--8/12 strong trip , long lasting , first a few hours of Cosmic Contraction: stomach and physical discomfort, mental bleakness, sleepiness (and even real sleep), weird half dreaming states. Then comes the Cosmic Expansion: Awakening, mental clarity, consciousness expansion. Mystical insights.
--14/16 : too strong , the discomfort and Cosmic Emptiness last too long, and when Kingdom Comes, the psychonaut is too tired to enjoy it.

More on HBWR (from a post send by this FOAF)
"I donīt find experience as much visual distortions as with morning glories. The only time when I really had some sensorial trippy features was when I did 16 seeds and towards the end of the trip was under a strange waterfall (soundfall) of strange gurgling, bleeping, slooping, shwartzing noises. For me, HBWR are about exploring the Ground Of Being and the way this reality (mediated by our senses) is built.

There is an initial phase of going up, then some sleepiness (If I fall asleep I have strange dreams that I take for real) and afterwards I enter HBWR realm, a very calm, very ecstatic and ego dead space if I am able to handle it (If not, I can spend a lot of time trying to chase my tail, so to speak- in an ouroboruos fashion). Nausea is not such a problem - the weird body effects are some kind of meltdown and extreme muscle relaxation and sleepiness for the first part, then at the "heavenly" part you get more animated, but not much. It is definitely an introspective experience. This is within the 8/10 (you can dare up to 12) seeds range. As I said, once I did 16 and the heavy/sleepy part was too long and when I reached the calm part, I was exhausted....

Experiences with 2/4 seeds are interesting to stay in natural settings as you feel blending and flowing with the enviroment. hbwr are very good to shake body attachment. Good for meditation.

I found that Contraction/Bleakness followed by Expansion/Ecstasy is a very clear and distinctive feature of LSA, and I found this less evident with LSD. - I have tried LSA (MG) /LSD combinations and they work very well. MG seem to increase the visual side of LSD"

----hope it helps, --- LacOv--

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