4-acetoxy DIPT after MDMA - by Indra

Was at a party the other night and heard someone talking about his experience with 4-acetoxy-DIPT. I began listening and transcribing, and thus am able to present his account:

"I had been waiting for a good setting to try this compound, which from all reports sounded very inviting. An MDMA evening had been planned, and seeing as how my favorite after-ecstasy treat, 2C-B, had run out, it seemed that this would be a good time to try the "4-ace." So at the proper time, without hesitation I downed 30 mg of it.

As is typical of just about anything taken post-MDMA, the material came on gently, almost imperceptibly against the background state of the MDMA taper-off. I had hoped to be able to distinguish its (hopefully) distinctly tryptamine feel, but the MDMA foundation was too strong to allow this (it had been a fairly high dose of E). However, I was definitely still able to perceive that it was, as promised, a gentle and non-pushy material. In particular I was hoping that it would not possess any of the dark, ominous feeling that DMT and 5-MeO-DMT seem to have for me, and I wasn't disappointed in that regard. The main qualities that I could sense were a pleasant and gentle variety of visuals (no doubt enhanced somewhat by the MDMA, but I could tell that the 4-ace had considerable visual power of its own, almost as strong as 2C-B) along with a nice positive mental/emotional vector (again, this was no doubt influenced by the MDMA present in my system, but I could tell it was also due to the tryptamine's own qualities).

But later, a small problem arose. About four hours after taking the 4-ace, I had been expecting it (and the MDMA comedown) to be receding to the point where sleep would be possible. After all, this was about 3:30 a.m., which was around 7 hours after the MDMA had been dropped. Instead, I was a bit frustrated to find that there seemed to be an unfortunate synergy, body-load wise, created by the combination of the two drugs that was responsible for an overstimulated state that was really long-lasting. It was characterized mainly by a fast heart rate and racing mind. Mercifully, it didn't include the muscle-twitching, jumpy-leg state that LSD is famous for. But it went on all night. The sun came up at 6:00 a.m. and I hadn't slept a wink, and my heart was still racing though I was exhausted. And even stranger was the fact that I still had visuals going---a full seven hours after taking the 4-ace! This had to be due to a synergistic effect between the two drugs. And the drain on my neurological state the next day was many times stronger than it ever has been with MDMA alone or even with MDMA/2C-B combinations. I mean I was a serotonin-drained zombie; I was confronted by a worrisome alteration in mood/brain chemistry that reminded me of the "fugue state" written of by Ann Shulgin in PIHKAL. (The next day I was fine, however.)

Also worth noting was the observation that there was a very LSD-like "delusional dreamlike state" present during the hours of laying there after the peak, listening to music. That is to say that I experienced strange "synaesthesic" delusional visions---somewhat disturbing images and artificial realities triggered by elements in the music being listened to---such as I have only ever had LSD create for me. Admittedly, this could actually be a good quality under more advantageous physical and set-and-setting circumstances.

So my conclusions from this decidedly unscientific trial are that while 4-ace seems to be a promising material and a unique tryptamine in its class, the combination of it and MDMA appears to create an unacceptable level of body load. Perhaps if I had been organized enough to have had a benzodiazepine nightcap handy, I would be singing a different tune. I won't do this combination again, though I am looking forward to giving 4-ace a try on its own, in a smaller dose (perhaps 20 mg) and perhaps in a beautiful forest setting on a warm summer day."

I hope this was entertaining and/or useful. Indra