Some Notes on 2C-T-7
(c) 2003 by Purple Spore


I had aquired some 2C-T-7 when it became commercially available a couple of years ago.
At the time I was already familiar with 2C-T-2 which - while not being my favourite PEA -
I found quite enjoyable. Based on what I had heard and read I assumed that 2C-T-7 would
be similar but better. In other words my expectations were rather high.

Shortly after receiving the material I isufflated a small amount. I don't know what the exact
amount was but I am confident it was in the realms of 5 - 6mg. As could be expected, the
pain resulting from insufflation was very intense (more intense than what I remembered
from 2C-T-2). The effects were felt quickly and relatively strongly, the whole experience
lasted about 6-8 hours (unfortunately I don't have any notes). In anyway I was't too impressed
by the material: it was - at best - a mixed bag. I decided that I would try it again to get
a better idea of it's potential but due to a number of reasons this was postponed for several
(two?) years.

Early this year (2003) I stumbled upon the 2C-T-7 and decided the time for another trial had
come. Due to the mixed reaction I had to the material and the fact that I am very sensitive
to most materials I decided to use a very low dosage. I can now say that this was a wise


Material: 2C-T-7 [of known purity]
Dosage: 8-9mg
Body weight: approx. 65kg
Subject: male, 24

T 0:00 = The material was ingested in a gelcap on empty stomach.

T 1:00 = First alert (+1) is felt - slightly enhanced colors and gentle psychic stimulation.

T 1:30 = This has developed to a light +2. I feel very calm/centered, yet stimulated. A pleasant
sensation. Feel nauseated from time to time, rather heavily but fortunately the sensation doesn't
last long. I also experience some shortness of breath.

T 2:30 = Solid +2. The material is visually very pictoresque to say the least. Everything looks
like painted. Dominating colours are metallic tones of pink and bluish-greys. While the visual
aspect is very interesting for some reason I don't care much about what I see -- there is none
of the child-like curiosity I experience with other materials. Lots of yawning.

T 3:00 = Effect is still developing. I don't feel any empathy, no enhanced creativity, flow of
thoughts or introspection... quite neutral and unimpressive. Do I like this state of mind? Not
entirely sure... I can't say that it's unpleasant but I'm not really enjoying it either. Perhaps
in a social setting it could be more enjoyable?

T 4:30 = Peaking. Pleasant but not particularily useful state of mind.
Perhaps it is the Cannabis I just smoked but I feel very confused and this annoys me.
Still very neutral state otherwise.

T 5:00 = Body feels calm, psyche very restless.... quite disturbing. Insight/introspection do
not appear to be facilitated. I feel like an observer and do not really care much about anything
(is this the Beth-state ?).

T 6:00 = I feel cold and a some muscle tension.

T 6:30 = Accelerated heartbeat, still feel very restless. Annoying state of mind, however
due to the detachment I feel this isn't nearly as bad as it could be: I just don't care.

T 7:00 = Nothing about this experience carries much meaning. Music is quite impressive
(probably the best thing about this material) but also somehow distant and meaningless.
I experience the music's beauty but cannot emotionally (or physically) relate to it in any
useful way (the same can be said for most aspects of this trip). I could imagine that at
higher dosages the music could be spectacular but I am not too inclined to try considering
this seems to be the only worthwile aspect of the trip.

T 7:30 = Noticeable drop in intensity. Intensity continued to fade over the next 4-5 hours.

T 10:00 = This ain't mescaline, nor 2C-B... both I would prefer any day of the week!
There's is none of mescaline's sheer beauty, magic and smoothness.

T 11:00 = First signs of a headache which got stronger during the next two hours until I took
an Aspirin (tm). While the Aspirin helped, residual pain lasted until I slept. I also feel exhausted:
drained both physically and mentally. Muscle tension was also very evident at this point. The
after-effects caught me by surprise. Considering the small amount consumed I certainly didn't
expect this.

I slept well but felt very tired the next day. When I got up I had a short depressive episode but
felt unusually happy for the rest of the day, quite weird! I cannot attribute this happiness
to any psychological introspection/insight since there was none.


- For the the material was very active even at this low dosage level. I am actually glad I didn't
take more due to the physical side-effects and the disconnected "beth-state" I experienced.
I am definitively among the 15% who are very sensitive to this material.

- Would I take it again? Perhaps, in the right setting but not looking forward to it. The experience
wasn't really negative but the intensity of the side-effects concerns me and the experience itself
wasn't really worthwile. There are simply too many other materials which I find much more useful
and enjoyable.

- The experience in itself was very neutral: no negatives, no positives. It also felt quite unnatural
and most importantly I would say it was totally useless from a psychological, spiritual and
recreational point of view. Except for the music there was simply none of the effects I look
forward to when I take a psychedelic drug.

- This experience was qualitatively very similar to the first one: the feeling of detachment as
well as the restlessness are the feautures I remember best. While the similarity could certainly
be due to suggestion (you get what you expect) I am inclined to think it is not, in part due to the
intensity and consistency over time of these - for me rather unusual - effects.

I can see that this is a very powerful material which for some may prove to be very useful and
enjoyable but it doesn't seem to be MY thing. Personally even 2C-T-2 is preferable to this due
to it's much shorter duration and humorous nature.