Bioassay of Anadenanthera colubrina (Vilca) seed extract with MAOI
(c) 2002 by The Alchymist

MAOI: Peganum harmala (Syrian rue) freebase extract.
Tryptamines: Anadenanthera colubrina seeds, freebase extract.

Small test tubes, glass tubing, butane gas micro-torch, glass micro-pipette.

30 mg Peganum harmala (Syrian rue) freebase extract was vaporised in test tube with micro-torch and inhaled through glass tubing. These alkaloids are in powder form and have a melting point around 200 C so are smoked separately from the Vilca extract; this also allows time the MAOI to take effect. A few minutes later approx 10 mg A. colubrina freebase extract, a yellow/orange oil, measured with a micro pipette, was vaporised in same way as the rue.

Bedroom, singe candle, copal resin incense, drum.

The only perceptible effect from the MAOI is a slight feeling of light-headedness; this is a useful indicator for inhaling a sufficient quantity.

About five minutes after inhaling the MAOI The Vilca extract was taken, this is much more caustic and harsher on the lungs than the rue, so it is advisable to take it slow and easy when inhaling to avoid coughing. No need to rush this, take your time.

Onset was slow, no visuals to begin with but there was a sense that there was something that wanted to show itself but was unable to lift the Veil. It felt good but not euphoric at this stage. After about 10-15 minutes an additional small amount of rue extract was smoked followed immediately by another 5-10 mg of Vilca extract, not weighed but an eyeball estimate. Very soon after this closed eye visuals began to appear, at first just flowing waves of colour, building in intensity to tangled chaotic neon strings against a dark background and finally to visuals of the intensity and complexity that is reminiscent of DMT. The peak must have lasted about 20 minutes in Earth time, no loss of ego, with the intensity following a slow curve back to baseline after about one hour. The return was enhanced by drumming, the medicine drum sounding especially good on this occasion.

The only negative side effect was a slight nausea after the second Vilca pipe, this was probably the MAOI, I had taken a spicey vegie meal a few hours previous, which was probably not a good idea, but as the MAOI was smoked gastric disturbance was minimal.

The peak experience at these doses was comparable to a light to moderate DMT journey, but it was clear that this was not DMT and it had its own signature. With eyes open the bedroom looked remarkably 'normal', there was no interference with vision, or intellect; neither was there any hangover or side effects afterwards, again much like DMT in this respect.

Vilca extract is definitely visionary in combination with a MAOI, there is no doubt, my guess, after only one trial, is that the really interesting stuff happens around 20 mg for Vilca, with a similar amount, maybe a bit more for the MAOI. If you like DMT you will like this combo. Why did Ott miss this?

The next step in these trials is to use the Vilca extract as an addmixture with DMT, and then with MAOI+DMT; that should be fun ;) stay tuned!

The Alchymist